Coolcat shopping bag

Coolcat shopping bag design

Sitting on the dock of the bay, just minding my own business my phone rang. "Hi this is Coolcat, and we need you to illustrate our new shopping bag". Ain't that a sweet commission or what. 

So I went to work, trying different styles. Suddenly I was inspired by a picture I took in Berlin, a wall full of various stickers. That was my inspiration moving forward. 

First of was the style I wanted to explore. After testing various types (Flat design, a darker version, two tone, etc) I decided that best fit was black and white mixed with some colors. Up next was creation items that fit the Coolcat brand and target audience. Consulting some of the kids that shop at Coolcat, I made a list of various objects and started illustrating. 
At first, I tried several types of patterns. Just to get the right feeling. Once the style was down I played around with colors and such, to create the best looking pattern.
Having fun with the logo. Clients always appreciate when you adjust their logo. And this might be sarcasm, who knows.
The full lineup of the illustrations. Items from Tigers with lightning bolts shooting out of their eyes (don't ask him, he'll go on and on about it), of course the selfie taking fashionista.
You can't go wrong with eating a burger, and their should be more weird looking pigs on fashion items. 
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