Bounce Kaiju Bounce

Bounce Kaiju Bounce game

Don't be a square, so smash them with a giant marble. But beware, you lose a turn when you drop the ball. Bounce the ball through several levels and make some smashing combination for extra points. 
Various power-ups will help or hinder your progres. Get multiballs, or slide your way left and right on an icy floor. Maybe you'll get an extended snake plank, or lose your direction when consuming 

The Pixelkaiju games are being developed in HTML5 and were released on portals supporting the native webbrowser and other platforms such as iOS and Android. I created the graphics and designed the characters for the game and based the idea of Bounce, Kaiju, Bounce on the immensely popular game Arkanoid.
Download it on Itunes or Google play store.
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